Our Vision



It’s a powerful promise and a bold premise on which to found a country – or forge a career.

That’s why we couldn’t think of a better time to launch IPSE-U.S. than the week of July 4th. As America unites to celebrate its independence, IPSE-U.S. is stepping forward to unite America’s 68 million independent workers.

They go by many names: consultants, contractors, freelancers, gig workers, 1099s, the self-employed. They span every profession and income level, from dentists to dogwalkers, writers to realtors, electricians to engineers, bakers to brokers. They represent every race, gender, party, and creed. They are 1 out of every 3 American workers: our colleagues, our neighbors, our friends and our family members. They personify the innovation, determination, and bravery that has kept America vibrant and free for 242 years.

And starting today, we declare that it’s time—past time!—to give them their due.

While disruptive technologies and new ways of working have transformed the labor market, U.S. policies have not kept pace, leaving independent workers marginalized and at risk. Tax codes are biased toward W-2 employment. Independent workers are denied even the most basic protections: no worker’s compensation when they are injured on the job; no disability coverage when they face a major illness; no income continuation when a contract ends without warning; no access to employer-sponsored retirement programs or bundled insurance options. It’s a broken system that needs to change. Yet as a highly diverse and distributed workforce, independent workers lack a cohesive voice to compel policymakers’ attention.

That’s where IPSE-U.S. comes in. We will lift a unified voice demanding change. We will fight for the freedom to work independently without bias or barriers. We will work with both sides of the aisle to advocate for federal policies that empower, rather than penalize, independent work. We will work with our partners to provide access to products and benefits that protect our members’ families and finances. And as the first chapter of the original IPSE organization—founded in the UK 19 years ago and still going strong—we will parlay proven best practices into positive change for all independent workers across the U.S.

If you are an independent worker, this is your moment. Join us.

If you are a supporter of independent work, this is your chance. Show it.

Sign our Declaration of Independents. Let your voice be heard. We are just getting started and together, we can make freedom ring for all of America’s workers.

Carl Camden

Founder & President