The independent workstyle definitely has its perks; that’s why most freelancers say they wouldn’t trade their freedom and flexibility for a traditional full-time job.  But working independently also comes with risk. Access to affordable healthcare coverage and income continuation regularly top the lists of unmet needs among independent workers – and with good reason. Everything from extended jury duty, to an unexpected illness, to a lengthy assignment that ends without warning can wreak havoc in a solo business. Where a traditional “employee” has benefits that ease the sting, the independent worker is left to fend for themselves.

We believe independent workers should have the freedom to work as they choose without facing unfair risk. That’s why, even as we fight for smart policy changes, we’re also taking action of our own.

We’ve engaged with partners that are passionate about meeting the unique needs of the independent workforce: from long-standing leaders like Prudential and Kelly Services, to start-ups like iWorker Innovations. Working together, along with the voices of IPSE U.S. members and advisors, we will offer products tailored to the needs of the self-employed. The first products will roll out this fall, with bundled, portable healthcare benefits slated for early 2019. IPSE-U.S. members will also benefit from commercial partnerships that deliver relevant products at a discount – turning their workstyle into an advantage and enabling them to access the benefits of bulk pricing.

There is no cost to IPSE-U.S. membership at this time, and early subscribers will have access to benefits at a special reduced rate. We are committed to continuing to develop a comprehensive suite of solutions for independent workers that empower them to thrive, personally and professionally.